The story of how I got to this milestone is convoluted but short.

I took the plunge with eHarmony and spent weeks on there looking at all the sad old bald gits it was offering me. Not impressed with any of them. None of them contacted me, not once. The one guy I had a nice chat with turns out to not want to get involved. However, he did light a fire under me regarding role playing. No, not dressing up as a baby or being whipped in a rubber mask. Proper, real, dice and dungeons and table top role playing games.

So I decided I’d get back into D&D. It’s a safe refuge for the socially challenged nerd to be someone else with a bunch of other people also being someone else. There are rules, there is a supervisor (the DM, may he always be merciful), there is the element of chance and there is social interaction, teamwork and it gets me out of the house. Everything you do or say has consequences, all of your actions are monitored. Nothing you do is really “The Wrong Thing”. Nice change from real life and work, there.

I found that some of my friends from Eve Radio run a game on Roll20 which is an internet version of the table top game. My, how technology has progressed since I was at Uni (the last time I gamed properly). I remember struggling for months to write a character generator for our LARP in Games Soc, using Basic 5.0. Gawd. Now I can roll a proper D&D 5th Edition Character in a few minutes on Roll20 and it knows all the traits, rules, modifiers, THAC0, spells and equipment you need.  In this game, I’m currently playing a rather squishy wizard elf who’s just made level 3 and is starting be less ineffectual in the party. For the next part, I have a paladin ready. I’m pondering a random character that was made by a joke site which would be “an over-emotional warlock who used to be a court jester”.


I’m also in a proper table top game whereby I have to go to the DMs house, sit around a table, roll dice, drink energy pop and look the other players in the eye, as well as enacting my characters feats out loud in person. I’m playing a level 13 druid who’s been killed three times already… and has a dire badger as a companion animal. She’s a replacement for a ranger, in some ways, having epic tracking, spot and listen abilities.  I’ve even bought a miniature of an elf druid (why am I playing so many elves?) to paint up.

So after a terrible time trying to hook up with the desperate old gummers on eHarmony, I’m finally hanging out with some really nice people and having a great time doing it.

P.S Just found this on Cracked.com. Squee ^^