I bought a Personal Vaporiser this week. Also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, APV and so on. Mine is a good model from a reputable website and for £20 I got a starter kit of battery, charger, vaporising unit and a small vial of liquid. My flavour of choice to start with is Tobacco Royale, medium strength nicotine. My last cigarette for October was at 7am on 1st, before I drove to pick up my package of joy from the parcel office. I haven’t caved in since, though the cravings have been strong. Each time I get that niggly twitchy feeling, I have 3-4 drags on the PV and it’s gone.

The technique is easy. Long hauls are taken on the PV and it’s personal choice to inhale or not. Mucous membranes such as mouth and nose absorb the nicotine. Inhaling is just habit and gives more of a smoking feel. Holding the vapour in doesn’t make it work any better. I’m really enjoying this so far and the righteous, guilt-free feeling is quite a buzz. Downsides are, the liquid I chose tastes really odd, like liquorice or even Nicorette gum and lozenges. It gives me the same slight sore throat sensation, too. There’s an after-taste like I’ve sucked on a ballpoint pen, you know? The taste of having inhaled the ink from the top end of the pen (the bit most people chew). Also, the actual vapourising unit is said to last only two to four weeks. Whaaa?  That’s not very good. I’ll see how it goes. Since I have been at home all day today, I’ve had a puff every couple of hours or so, whereas normally I’d be smoking constantly while mining in Eve all day.

Strangely, having the poison and the method to deliver it all laid out for me in a kit really throws my addiction into stark relief, which is a bit of a headf**k but it’s certainly stopped me from using nasty, evil, dirty tobacco with all it’s ghastly components 😉