Light bulb with a brain

(with thanks to Andrew W-D)

Today I learned that Marmite was invented by a German.

Today I learned that there is more fresh water in Earth’s lakes than there is in all of the clouds.

Today I learned that, when diving, should you get chomped on by a giant clam, you can escape by just pulling yourself free.

It’s a lovely warm day for the end of September. My new washing machine has wrung almost every drop of water from my clothes, so it’s drying happily out on the line and should be ready to wear by dusk.

Tomorrow I have to go and pick up my car which has had a new water pump to fix an overheating problem caused by lack of coolant circulation. I wanted to fetch it on Saturday, but the garage ¬†was closed and I have no idea why. They’re supposed to open on Saturdays. (Worryingly, their website seems to be broken. Uhoh. Companies House thinks they’re still in business…) I was very annoyed but my rage powered my walk into town. I’ve never walked all the way from home to the town centre before, so I consider that quite an achievement.