On July 28th Diana from Cats Protection League (CPL) came to see my house and approved me for cat adoption. Jackie from CPL called and told me about two cats that were ready to be homed and were about to move foster homes the next day, could I come see them so they didn’t have to be moved? Sure, no problem. Went to Hazel’s house to meet Bentley and Lexy, brother and sister cats, 2 years old, neutered, house-trained and friendly. Lexy had already had kittens which had obviously had an effect on her growth – she’s very slight and much smaller than her brother. I took them home straight away 🙂

After a day hiding behind cupboards, the cats came out to eat and spent the next two days exploring every part of the house. They are grounded for a couple of weeks but by the way they look longingly at the garden, can’t wait to play outside. Bentley is all black apart from a tiny white spot on his belly. He’s charming and mellow, rubs my hands and legs, loved feeding time and purrs happily. I renamed Lexy as Pixie because she’s so dinky. She makes the sweetest trilling noise when she wants attention or before she jumps up on anything. She’s black with white points and has a wonky tail that was a birth defect but doesn’t seem to bother her.

So, I have cats again and I am loving that fact. They’re not sleepy lap cats; they are full of energy and love to chase each other about, as well as chasing string, a laser dot, my laces and thin air!