Excuse my dust while I open up a new website. The plan is to pop a paragraph on now and then when a subject strikes me. I can rant away here, or gush about things endlessly. And I can’t do that on Facebook without everyone commenting, judging, going off-topic and so forth. This is my web page. I hope you find it interesting.

I can do WordPress, me…

A Bit About Sam

I’m going to be 48 next year. I’m single. I don’t have any children. I’m tall, large and good-humoured. I like music .. a lot. Given the choice between losing eyesight or losing hearing, I’d rather be blind than never hear music again. I like a good sci-fi movie and I enjoy good food and wine. I love my cats and miss my motorcycle.

What I Do

I wanted to be variously a vet, a jockey, a pathologist, a translator, a crime scene investigator, a lorry driver, a web designer, an artist, slim, ginger and a mother, but none of these have actually happened. Yet. I did OK in school, flunked A levels, got a Desmond degree in IT Engineering before the Internet was the monster it is today and got myself HGV Class 2 license.

I seem to have a flair for technology so ever since I graduated, I’ve been doing technical support and systems administration. That’s 15 years now. You’d think I’d be great at it, but things change so fast, it’s hard to keep up sometimes.  Still, I do my best, I learn fast and I enjoy my work.